About La Fantana company

With two decades of expertise in services, our company is the leader in providing B2B water cooler services in Serbia. Our offer also includes devices for water purification which enables us to meet different needs of the clients that want to have high quality water at their working place.

From now on, La Fantana is providing integrated services of water and coffee for offices in a complete formula: service package according to your needs, delivery of products, installation of devices, instructions for usage, and service of devices.

We own strong logistical infrastructure and provide national coverage of the whole country through our branches in Beograd, Novi Sad, Niš, Čačak, Subotica, Kragujevac, Požarevac. Our experience and expertise allow us to provide convenient services, in a flexible and responsible way. La Fantana has over 200 employees in Serbia and more than 11,500 customers – companies, institutions and individuals.

We operate in a field in which our products, water and coffee, are in a harmonious and lasting relationships with users. Therefore we fully understand this responsibility and act with diligence to provide trust. And we make sure the products and services are available in a way that pleases – through quality and options, simple and carefree.

We believe in long term relationships and we are happy for the privilege to be long lasting partners with our clients. We take that the trust in services is maintained through efficiency, fairness and flexibility and put each and every actions to serve these values.

But more than that, we strongly believe that care is the foundation of our business. The care of ours clients for their employees is provided through the services of La Fantana. We care for each user of our products and services. And La Fantana care for the clients in a commercial partnership where receiving and giving is mutual.