Kafune espresso pods

KAFUNE is the brand launched by La Fantana and La Fantana’s own brand. Inspired by the spirited lifestyle, rhythms, passion and positive vibrations of the South America, it soars to perfection..

KAFUNE is the promise of discovering the harmony between the daily required use of one’s judgment and the liberated passions we sometime allow to take over the control.

Brewing it together and by using La Fantana device for coffee brewing, in KAFUNE coffee you will discover the essence of energy, the desire for life and craving for strength and taste.

KAFUNE ESPRESSO PODS are packed individually in order to preserve their freshness. Each individual pod contains 9g espresso coffee, which is more than the typical 7g coffee dose for exuberant taste and greater enjoyment.

Used with espresso coffee machine designed for La Fantana company.