Device for water purification - about filters

Sediment filter – The role of this filter is to remove silt, soil, sand, rust and all other impurities from water larger than 5 microns, but also to protect the following filters against clogging. This filter is made from polypropylene and is resistant to high temperatures.

Pre-carbon filter – Thanks to the activated carbon, this filter offers exceptional power of absorption. This filter removes residual chlorine along with secondary compounds deriving from water chlorination – trihalomethanes, many organic and inorganic compounds.

Ultrafiltration membrane filter – Provides microbiological water disinfection by removing microorganisms through submicron filtration. After passing through this filter, the water is bacteriologically sterile.

Post-carbon filter – The same as pre-carbon filter, this filter is also made of activated carbon.The purpose of this filter is to remove unpleasant taste and smell of water. It offers the ultimate water refreshment, giving it crystal-clear transparency. The water becomes more potable, while the flavor is more neutral.