Device for water purification - characteristics

La Fantana device for water purification is an electrical appliance equipped with a system for filtration, heating and cooling of water from the water supply network. This device is a modern version of the water cooler, and major difference is in fact that device utilizes an advanced technology based on the system of filters for tap water purification. Filters enable adequate removal of unwanted tap water elements, like chlorine, rust, sand, silt, and other impurities in water. Filtered tap water becomes more potable, with better taste and smell. Device for water purification, model Deluxe is modern, elegant appliance with a state-of- the-art water filtration technology will perfectly suit any environment.

  • Device has digital comands for pouring the water, which makes simple to pour glass of cold water or prepare hot beverage.
  • Functions of the appliance: cold (4 – 12°C) and hot water (70 – 90°C).
  • Unlimited supply of fresh and clean water whenever you need it.
  • Cold water tank capacity: app. 3 liters.
  • Hot water tank capacity: app. 1,8 liters.
  • Filters for water purification: sediment, pre-carbon, ultrafiltration membrane filter, post-carbon.
  • Dimensions (w x d x h): 26 cm X 34,7 cm X 110 cm.

Wp 1000

  • The water cooler has hot and cold water faucets
  • Water cooler functions: water cooling (4 – 12° C) water heating (70-90° C)
  • Unlimited quantity of fresh and pure water for all your needs
  • Cold water tank capacity: approx. 3 liters
  • Hot water tank capacity: approx. 1.8 liters
  • Water purification filters : sediment, pre-carbon, filter with membrane for ultrafiltration, post-carbon
  • Water cooler dimensions: 34 cm (width) x 32 cm (depth) x 102 cm (height)