Device for water purification

Device for water purification - advantages of device

  • Improved flavor and smell of tap water
  • Always available unlimited quantity of pure, high quality water
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Safe usage
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Device for water purification - characteristics

Device for water purification is an electrical appliance equipped with a system for filtration, heating and cooling of water from the water supply network. This device is a modern version of the water cooler, and major difference is in fact that device utilizes an advanced technology based on the system of filters for tap water purification. Filtered tap water becomes more potable, with better taste and smell.

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Device for water purification - about filters

  • Sediment filter
  • Pre-carbon filter
  • Ultrafiltration membrane filter
  • Post-carbon filter
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Device for water purification - conditions for installing device for water purification

The quality of the water from water supply network is influenced by old pipes by which water travels to our business and residential premises, which can result in appearance of rust, sand, silt and other impurities in water. Solution for better quality of tap water and safe usage is provided by La Fantana devices for water purification.

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