Natural mineral water

La Fantana is a non-carbonated natural mineral water with low sodium or other soluble mineral matter contents. Pursuant to the provisions of the Regulation laying down the Quality and Other Requirements for Natural Mineral Water, Natural Spring Water and Table Water (published in the “Official Gazette of Serbia and Montenegro”, no. 53/2005 from December 23, 2005), natural mineral water without gas falls into the highest category of water.

Due to its optimal ratio of minerals, calcium and magnesium, and low level of sodium, La Fantana water is suitable for everyday use.

La Fantana produces and bottles water in its own modern plant, the only one in the country that has been specially designed to produce and subsequently fill water into bottles of 19 liters, which is then distributed with the help of a water cooler. Our factory is located in Mitrovo Polje, in the vicinity of Aleksandrovac Župski. Exceptionally well preserved nature of Mitrovo Polje, surrounded by massifs of Goč, Željin and Kopaonik, is an excellent guaranty of the water quality from this area.

Water exploitation is done at depth of 90 meters. Water analysis was made at the Institute of Public Health in Kruševac, registered under the number M 629/18, of 13th December 2018.

Sodium (Na+)1,67
Potassium (K+)0,45
Calcium (Ca2+)41,45
Magnesium (Mg2+)33,11
Bicarbonates (HCO3)264,89
Chlorids (Cl)< 6,8
Sulphates (SO42-)14,0
Dry residues at 180°C214,00