Subscription packages for the coffee

There is something about the smell of freshly grinded coffee! Keep to your traditional way of making the espresso and enjoy the technology that makes it all easier. With La Fantana subscription package Espresso Tradition you get the coffee shop in the office and the full control of the espresso taste. Enjoy the traditional way of making coffee with the Saeco Lirika Plus espresso machine included in the package.

Subscription package for coffee includes:

  • Free usage of espresso machine;
  • Kafune roasted coffee in beans – quantity of coffee is defined by package;
  • Delivery of coffee;
  • Installation of the machine, usage instruction, and service of the machine.

La Fantana offers several coffee subscription packages.

Our sales team will help you to choose the package according to your needs.

KAFUNE INTENSO is the creation of skillful Italian masters presenting the finest craftsmanship in selecting Arabica and Robusta coffee beans to obtain the taste of a freshly roasted coffee in an espresso of a full-bodied, fine taste and aroma.

KAFUNE ARABICA is the journey in search of the origins of coffee. Perfectly made from 100% pure Arabica beans, this blend presents the maximum that can be obtained in espresso, in terms of aroma and the freshness of taste. Each time is like the first impression, seducing and surprising.