Water cooler devices - characteristics

Water cooler is a device which enables you to have access to high quality drinking water in a simple and practical way. Water coolers used by La Fantana are self-standing models of world renowned producers. Regular water cooler models have options of cold and hot water for quick preparation of hot beverages like tea, instant coffee or soups.

    • Water cooler is characterized with fast function adjustment, so it can be operational in 25 minutes after it is installed.
    • Water cooler dimensions (for model presented on this page): 31 cm (w) x 31 cm (h) x 100 cm (d), 140 cm with bottle.
    • The cooling system is completely environmentally friendly, based on compressors that enable better water cooling, as opposed to devices where the cooling is thermoelectric.
    • Device is simple for use and it has security faucet for safe pouring of hot water.
    • The hot water tank is isolated and made of stainless steel.
    • Air filter prevents dust and bacteria from entering into tank.
    • Casing is in one part, made of high quality material, securing its longevity.
    • The special advantage of La Fantana devices is their electrical safety.